Amy’s 4 Things

4 Things Amy Is Loving Right Now + Redefining Your Workouts + How To Get Out The Door On Time + Laundry Detergent That’s Changing The World

This is an OG 4 Things episode with 4 totally random things…ask and you shall receive!!

FIRST THING: Amy shares 4 things she’s loving right now and recommends you try them all (from books to crackers to make-up to making time for yourself!!)

SECOND THING: @AllyFallon is redefining how she views working out and she shared her new philosophy with us (and we can appreciate this new approach for sure!!)

THIRD THING: Do you find yourself running late to things often?? Amy shares tips on how to get out of the door on time + extra tips if you’re trying to get kids out the door on time too!

FOURTH THING: Founders of Sheets Laundry Club, Chris & Laurian Videau, came on to share their vision for a better planet through their company & do ‘4 Things Gratitude’ (a tv show + book + IG follow + food/drink they’re thankful for) with us!! They collectively served over 27 years in the military and traveled to over 20 different countries. During their time overseas, they became painfully aware of the vast amount of plastic that pollutes our oceans. After leaving the military, they set to work creating a plan that would allow for a more sustainable future for the generations to come. Checkout for more details + to shop & support an awesome small business that is changing the world!


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