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4 Things With Lisa Harper: Rapid Fire Q&A. The Gift of Storytelling. Adoption. Gratitude.

Lisa Harper {@lisadharper} is on with Amy for this episode and we couldn’t love her more! Lisa is known as a Christian author, speaker and theologian and has the best personality in the world. Amy kicked things off with some rapid fire questions as an ice breaker for Lisa…she’s such a fun person to get to know! Then they talked about how Lisa became a beautiful storyteller and turned that gift into a multi-faceted career {which now includes a brand new podcast called ‘Lisa Harper’s Back Porch Theology.’} Like Amy, Lisa also adopted from Haiti, so she shared her adoption journey with us and then they closed out with some ‘4 Things Gratitude’ where Lisa shared a book, a show, an instagram follow, and a drink that she is thankful for! 

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