Amy’s 4 Things

#6: One Year Adoption Anniversary. It's Cool To Track Your Steps. Breast Cancer At Age 31. Cinnamon Rolls & Sausage Gravy.

Amy is celebrating 1 year since she and her husband brought their kids to America from Haiti…she goes down memory lane sharing what those first few days at home were REALLY like. Amy talks with @ErinOprea about the importance of moving our bodies and Erin reveals how many steps we should strive to get each day. Amy’s friend @Laura_Birdwell (also known as “Ray’s BAE” on the Bobby Bones Show) shares her breast cancer journey…after being diagnosed at a young age…encouraging us all to “feel it on the first.” Amy shares her weird (but awesome) Christmas family tradition of cinnamon rolls with sausage gravy on top…you need this combo in your life!
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