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A Divine Moment, Music Is Therapeutic (Cursing Can Be Too), Emergency Confetti & More (5th Thing)

Welcome to the ‘5th Thing’ with Amy & Kat!! Today’s quote is: “I used to sneak out of my house to go to parties, now I do the opposite!” (from the @elarroyo_atx sign) Hopefully not too many people snuck out of our Wichita LIVE party…Lol. At the beginning of the evening (before everyone attending took their seats) some people wrote down their expectations for the night. You’ll hear Kat share some of them with Amy (because she never got to look at them) and it’s cool to hear what people hoped to get out of the evening…and even cooler that most expectations seem to have been met!


Amy then shares a few emails from people that were at the LIVE podcast and one of them is a very touching email from a listener named Tosha…it’s such an impactful note about what went down for her that night and her plans moving forward. Tosha’s words are going to touch someone listening to this episode…we just know it!! We are so thankful to listeners that are willing to share their stories with all of us! Thank you, Tosha!


Since cursing is a topic that came up during the LIVE podcast, Amy tells Kat about a study she came across the other day: “Swearing Is Extremely Helpful in Modern Life!” Kat says she keeps a book about cursing at her office!! There’s obviously times when it’s offensive and inappropriate – but the point of this chat is simply that it can be helpful at times if you just need to release anger or frustration, etc…


Thank you licensed therapist, Kat Defatta, for joining us with her wisdom. You can find her on Instagram: @Kat.Defatta + @YouNeedTherapyPodcast.

Best places to find more about Amy: + @RadioAmy


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