A Great American Family

You have heard us salute every type of troop out there, from veterans to new recruits. We’ve saluted entire branches of the service on special occasions, and we’ve selected very special individuals both alive and no longer with us. But one of the special types of salutes I’m getting more and more is a “whole family salute” and I’m loving them. Many times, I’ve talked about families that have a tradition of service running deep in them. Today we are saluting one of those families. Heidi Sandoval of Salem, Oregon, sent in this salute covering many members of her family in the past and present, and even though she’s modest, Heidi is in there herself. Today we salute: Tammy Collins and Jerry Collins both of the United States Navy, who are Heidi’s cousins, Kenneth Gressel of the United States Marine Corps, who is Heidi’s uncle, William Johnson Jr., of the United States Army, who is Heidi’s Grandfather, and Heidi Sandoval herself, of the Oregon Army National Guard. The tradition of military service is a proud one, and it is going to continue in this family: Heidi tells me her daughter Alicia Sandoval-Jamison plans to enlist and serve after she graduates from high school. With families like this one keeping the tradition of service alive, the future of America is looking pretty bright. To this entire family I say: it is my honor to salute you and your tradition!