Amy’s 4 Things

Accountability & Friendships. Michelle Williams: Low Moods/Depression. Checking In. Friendships & Gratitude.

FIRST THING: Amy’s friend Meri {@Meri_ + @TheShopForward} came on to talk about calling Amy out on something recently. It’s awesome to have friends that will keep it real with you and hold you accountable if you’re acting in a way that doesn’t best serve you! Amy was thankful for the talk that Meri had with her…so she thought they could be an example of what healthy communication with a friend can look like. They also want to remind everyone that Father’s Day shopping for The Shop Forward will end this week {order by Sunday if you want to receive it in time for Father’s Day!!} SECOND THING + THIRD THING + FOURTH THING: Michelle Williams {@michellewilliams} is on for the other 3 things talking about her new book → Checking In: How Getting Real about Depression Saved My Life–And Can Save Yours.

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