Amy’s 4 Things

Accountability + Gratitude. Spreading Joy. No Negative Nancy. Positivity in a Pandemic.

FIRST THING: Amy & Chase talk about how they need accountability to get back in an attitude of gratitude. Do you know how much more likely you’re going to succeed at something with an accountability partner? 95% more likely!!! They also discuss little things you can do to bring happiness to your life. SECOND THING: Singer/songwriter Brittney Spencer {@brittneyspencer} is on with her amazing grandma to discuss the inspiration that she’s been to her and the importance of spreading joy to others! THIRD THING: Lisa {@thewellnecessities} is back on to talk about the power of our thoughts! “Negative Nancy No More” is the theme and she shares tips on how to focus on positivity. FOURTH THING: Morgan #2 {@webgirlmorgan} from the Bobby Bones Show is on today to talk about how she’s finding joy during the pandemic as a single 26-year-old that lives alone. We know it’s not an easy time for those living alone…so hope this chat will offer encouragement…even if you’re not in your 20’s. 
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