Alexis Marissa of the US Army National Guard

Every once in a while I decide to veer away from the salutes and requests that come in and just do our own Troop Salute. We have so many hard working and dedicated service men and women listening to this show, and to the station, and we are constantly communicating with many of you over our text lines, or on our social media pages. I received a message on my social media from today’s troop.  She wanted to shout out all the hard working people on the front lines of this Covid current crisis that we are all going through, but when I read her story, I decided that she is someone who needs to be saluted as well. Today we salute Sergeant Alexis Marissa of the United States Army National Guard. Alexis is a full time law enforcement officer, and a Sergeant in the National Guard when her nation needs her. In her role as law enforcement, Alexis says it has been a tough couple of weeks.  The workload with this crisis, combined with recent losses of officers has put a strain on her entire “Blue Family”. But Alexis says regardless of all of it, they are all out there 24/7 keeping us all safe as usual. Alexis also shouted out her “Green Family”, “who are serving overseas and staying brave and on mission, despite the additional challenges of this crisis.” Alexis’ man is one of those currently deployed, and she’s looking forward to his safe return in a couple of months. For keeping our streets safe at home, and our state and nation secure in the guard, today we salute Sergeant Alexis Marissa of the Army National Guard.