Amy’s 4 Things

All About Gratitude: Oprah’s Story. Choosing Joy in Hard Times. The Science. A Helpful Tip.

As we gear up to start the Gratitude Challenge{March 1st}, the theme for this episode is all about the gratitude!! Amy’s Dad even joins her in the intro & shares what he is thankful for! FIRST THING: You would think that gratitude would come easily to someone like Oprah, but Amy shares Oprah’s story about how she had to refocus her intention to get back into a daily practice of finding things to be grateful for! SECOND THING: Amy shares a great story about an individual who decided to choose joy in spite of some horrible circumstances. There is so much to be learned from this man’s life! THIRD THING: We can sit here all day and say how much counting your blessings can change your life, but is there really the science to back it? Absolutely! Amy shares multiple articles that might just change your mind, if you haven’t yet jumped on practicing gratitude!! FOURTH THING: When life gets hard or were just in a bad mood, gratitude can be so challenging, but this tip can help you appreciate those you love while focusing on positivity! 

To check out any of the articles mentioned in this episode: 

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Neuroscience of Gratitude

Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier

The Science Behind It

Gratitude Tip
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