Amy’s 4 Things

All The Feelings. Instagram Filters. Things You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About. Haitian Foster Families // myLIFEspeaks.

FIRST THING: To continue the conversation around feelings and how to work through them, Amy shares some clips from therapist, Kathryn Defatta’s {@kat.defatta}, podcast “You Need Therapy.” Kathryn talks about coping, ‘numbing out,’ what anger actually is and why it can be a good thing. SECOND THING: Lisa Hayim {@thewellnecessities} is talking with Amy about the reality of instagram filters and why she’s personally stopped using them in her posts. Filters are a fun and expressive tool and we’ve most likely all used them, but have you ever wondered if it’s affecting your self-esteem? Amy & Lisa open up about their thoughts on filters. THIRD THING: We all know that guilt and shame can sneak in at any moment, but does that mean we should feel guilty when we are taking care of ourselves? Amy shares a list she found {from @worrywellbeing} of things that you should not feel guilty about! FOURTH THING: Amy does a little #tbt of an interview she did with Mike Wilson from @myLIFEspeaks back when she very first started this podcast. My LIFE Speaks is an organization that helps care for special needs and typical developing orphans. For the next few months, proceeds from ESPWA are going to benefit My Life Speaks and their amazing efforts in Neply, Haiti. 

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