Allow Me to Mansplain

Sasha from Auburn has written in to Fitz because of an incident that happened with her boyfriend Ryan. It started because Sasha has been having an ongoing problem at work involving her boss and a coworker. She was up for a promotion and the other woman got it and Sasha was really upset. This has been going on for a while and, as with all relationships, Sasha has been coming home to Ryan and venting about it. Ryan is a good listener but he is also a man of action, and suddenly one day he decided he wanted to help, so he called Sasha’s boss to try and correct the situation. Sasha says it is now super awkward at work and Ryan should have stayed in his lane. But when Ryan comes on he says he wasn’t trying to cross the line, he was just trying to help. He says he was tired of listening to her complain about something he thought was easily solved so he solved it. The P1’s think this couple can work this out, but it leads to a debate on the age-old question: do women want someone to just listen to them vent, or to actually go do something? And how are men supposed to know the difference?