Almond Groves of the US Navy

When you love the service, you want to tell everyone else about the great experiences that you’ve had. And recruiting is a great way to share your experiences and help others find theirs. The sailor in today’s salute does both of these things: Today we salute HM2 Almond Groves of the United States Navy.
HM2 means that Almond is a Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class. That means she’s a “doc” or a medic to other sailors and Marines. Almond’s husband Christopher asked me to salute his wife because he is so proud of what she has accomplished in the Navy. “August marks 17 years Almond’s been in the Navy,” he says, “In September she’s going for her promotion to E6 First Class”. Almond served 14 years out in the fleet. She served aboard the Camden, The Reagan, The Lincoln, and The Rainier. She then went on to two more years in the Naval Reserves and has spent the last year as an Active Duty Recruiter. Christopher says she is the top recruiter for the Navy in the area, another thing to be proud of. For her many years of service, and for helping others both as a Corpsman, and helping others find their careers in the Navy, we salute HM2 Almond Groves of the United States Navy.