Amy’s 4 Things

Amy’s Bestie That She Met on Twitter: Meri. 90’s Fashion Is Back. Love Your Neighbor. Boosting Energy Without Coffee. (#20)

First thing: Amy’s friend Meri (@meri_) finally joins her to talk about their friendship and business. Like, how they met on Twitter + their mutual love for Haiti + the roots of #PIMPINJOY and The Shop Forward + Meri’s love for fashion and philanthropy + being an entrepreneur + PMS + dating + ESPWA (basically they talked about a lot…ha!) Second thing: Kelly (@velvetsedge) comes on to talk 90’s fashion and how it’s making a comeback. She shares tips on how to add the trend into your life without going overboard. Third thing: Amy got an email from a listener apologizing for something she said about her adoption a few years ago. Amy appreciated the note and shared as a reminder that we can always grow as people and that loving your neighbor might literally mean you next door neighbor or it might mean two sweet kids from Haiti that need a home. Fourth thing: 4 energy boosting drinks that aren’t coffee.
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