And The Tiger Saw a Man

We admit it, we are all really into “Tiger King”. But Kate from Carnation has asked Fitz for help because her boyfriend Jeff is super-obsessed with it, to the point where it is affecting their relationship and their finances. She says it’s not bad enough that he has watched all seven episodes multiple times, but now he makes pancakes in the shape of tiger heads, he’s shaved his beard into a Joe Exotic style, and…he’s threatening to grow a mullet. For real. When Jeff comes on, he says he can’t believe he lived his whole life not knowing about Joe Exotic and that Joe is the perfect man for the crazy times we are having right now. We all agree, and at first we think he’s just a fan like we are, but then we start to understand what Kate is talking about: while the two of them are struggling to make ends meet during the Coronavirus Quarantine, Jeff is sending money to a fund to get Joe Exotic out of prison.