And Who Exactly is Allison?

Mike from Bonney Lake has written in to Fitz. He says he knows this won’t sound like a big problem to other people but it is to him: his girlfriend Sylvia is way too into Public Display of Affection. He says she is constantly wanting to hold hands and kiss on him and have him kiss her. He says he knows it sounds lame but she really goes overboard, even comparing her to a bear mauling him. When Sylvia comes on she admits she likes physical affection but doesn’t think it’s overboard. She thinks when people love each other they should show it. And she says it’s not just a public problem for Mike – he is not particularly affectionate at home either. And it gets a little…uncomfortable…when she brings up the name of another woman at his job and questions whether he is touchy feel with her. In fact, the P1’s are pretty much on Mike’s side until the name “Allison” pops up.