And Why Exactly is This a Problem?

Blake from Des Moines has called into the show about his girlfriend Roxie. He says she is really over the top about cleaning, constantly picking up after him and vacuuming, and sometimes even gets up the middle of the night to clean. We kid with Blake that he should be happy living with someone that does all the cleaning so he doesn’t have to, but Blake says it’s hard living with the pressure of always feeling like he’s making a mess plus Roxie’s always dashing around doing something, and frankly Blake is just worried about her. When Roxie comes on, she says she grew up in a very dirty home and vowed that she would never live like that; she even confides that at some point authorities came to her home for a welfare check and nearly took her away from her family. This leads us to wonder about the deep-seated root of this problem, and we – and the listeners – weigh in on whether Roxie needs some professional help, or if Blake really is so much of a slob that keeping up with him really is a 24-hour-a-day job.