Amy’s 4 Things

Annie F. Downs: Joys of Being an Amateur. Falling In Love. You Need a Hobby. Chasing Fun & Gratitude.

 @anniefdowns is on for all 4 things! FIRST THING: Annie’s latest book That Sounds Fun is the inspo for the flow of this conversation because the first part of the subtitle is THE JOYS OF BEING AN AMATEUR. Amy & Annie talk about the full definition of the word “amateur” and how understanding the other definitions (besides unskilled) is freeing. SECOND THING: You want to learn to have fun?? Well, Annie says to FALL IN LOVE and do so over and over every day with something and maybe someone. There is power in letting yourself do this. We need to stop playing it cool…get excited for stuff…you’ll feel more alive…and you deserve that! THIRD THING: Annie breaks down why YOU NEED A HOBBY and shares a quick checklist to know if whatever it is you’re doing is serving you in a way that a hobby should! Hobbies make space for something beautiful when they check these boxes. FOURTH THING: We have had to be more intentional at CHASING FUN this last year because of the pandemic. Annie talks about the importance of chasing it no matter what’s going on in the world and then she also shared 4 things she is thankful for!

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