Amy’s 4 Things

Answering Your Questions with Kelly Henderson from Velvet's Edge (The 5th Thing) (11-19-19)

This is Amy’s ‘5th Thing’ (a bonus episode) where she answers your questions every Tuesday! ‘4 Things With Amy Brown’ comes out every Thursday, but on Tuesdays Amy answers questions you’ve emailed in. On today’s episode Amy has Kelly Henderson from @Velvetsedge on to answer all the fall and winter fashion questions you may be asking. They address: what colors are in for this fall for clothes, makeup and nail color, whether you should be buying Doc Martens or knee-high boots, shopping Zara for adult and children’s fashion, Kelly’s new online vintage tee store that will be opening in December and how to shop her styles. Be sure to also check out to get more lifestyle tips!

You can send in questions directly to Amy here:…maybe one week your question will be shared!!
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