Approaching the Breaking Point

Gianna from Mill Creek is afraid her relationship with her boyfriend Daniel is going to implode over something that we are all going through in quarantine. She says he is taking the worry and anxiety over Cornavirus too far and has compulsively been washing his hands to the point where they are now dry and cracking. She feels like he might even be borderline OCD. He absolutely refuses to leave the house so she has to do all the errands which she doesn’t mind but he makes her shower multiple times when she returns home and now he won’t even go near her. She is afraid he will turn a corner he cannot come back from. When Daniel comes on, he says if everyone was as cautious as he is, we wouldn’t all be in this predicament. As for the excessive washing, he says because the science of COVID-19 is so new and unknown, just because he doesn’t go out doesn’t mean the virus is not in the house. And while Daniel does speak reasonably, we can all hear there is something much deeper happening.