Ashley of the US Navy

Being in our military can be a tough job.  There are a lot of responsibilities on the shoulders of our service men and women. When you add the responsibilities and time required to be a parent AND a service member, then you’re talking about a real challenge. Today’s Troop Salute is for a Fearless Female who is not only serving in the US Navy, but is also a mother to two little kiddos who are both under two years old! Today we salute our very own “Navy Mom Ashley”. Navy Mom Ashley writes in and calls in to the show all the time.  She is definitely a P1. This salute to her was sent in from a friend of hers who wanted to make sure Ashley got some of the recognition that she deserves for everything she does. Ashley is an active duty sailor in the Navy, and right now she is doing double parenting duty because her husband, who is also active duty Navy, is away at sea. She makes lots of sacrifices to find the time to make sure her kids get all the time and attention that they need with just one parent at home. According to her friend, Ashley will be leaving the area on new orders next year. She wasn’t clear if the whole family was going, or if this new duty station will put more time and distance between them, but I’m sure a dedicated mom and sailor like Ashley will make it work, whatever the situation. For being an outstanding mom, and outstanding wife, and for being a dedicated Sailor, today we salute Navy Mom Ashley of the United States Navy.