Erica from Lake Stevens has asked Fitz for help with a problem with her boyfriend Jeremy. She says last week during “Snowmaggedon” she lost control of her car and got stuck on the side of the road but when she called him for help he wouldn’t come. She says she specifically called him for help because he has a big truck with a winch and could have gotten her out easily but he said he was too busy to help. But what really upset her was that this wasn’t the first time – in fact, she claims, there have been several times that she has called him for help with either car trouble or some other issue where she really needed his help and he wouldn’t come. When Jeremy comes in he says the reason he didn’t help during “Snowmaggedon” was he was working and as an independent contractor he couldn’t just leave work. As for the all the “other times” he can’t explain every single circumstance, but thinks in general Erica needs to learn how to be more self-sufficient. Watch out Jeremy – the P1 Ladies are teeing off on you!