Be a Good Boy and Stay

Tina from Kent wrote to Fitz on Facebook because she is having trouble with her boyfriend of four years Rob but doesn’t want to break up because they have a dog together. She feels like it will be really hard on the dog – Sigmund – to have them in different homes and going through custody issues. As for the relationship, she says she and Rob are drifting apart, spending less time together, and fighting more and Robert doesn’t want even to acknowledge it. Robert says he is willing to work on the relationship if she really wants to (he’s not especially enthusiastic) but if the relationship ends, he is taking the dog, there is no question about it. She says she it was her idea to get a dog and she is the one found Sigmund; he says he is the one who put up the adoption fee and first medical bills. They both seem to want to argue about the dog but not take any responsibility for their actual human issues and the P1’s try to get them to see be that.