Amy’s 4 Things

Be the Change with Latoya Lewis. The Best Salty & Sweet Treat. Blue Mood Hack. Healthcare Hero Shout Out.

FIRST THING: New Orleans Deputy Latoya Monique Lewis is on the phone with Amy to talk about her video that went viral earlier this month about an answered prayer regarding all the racial tension. The testimony she shared is such an encouragement for everyone to focus on love so that they can be the change that the world needs right now. SECOND THING: Amy shares a dessert that you need in your life. It’s the perfect salty/sweet treat. This is something that Amy hasn’t made in about 10 years because of her disordered eating…but now that she’s allowing all foods back into her life…she can’t wait to make this for the 4th of July this year! Amy also hopes that anyone listening with a list of “bad foods” they won’t allow themselves to have will find freedom from that soon. THIRD THING: If you’re in a blue mood or have any anxiety…Amy has a trick for you that will help relax the body to help you reach a calmer and happier mood. FORTH THING: Bringing back a ‘Healthcare Hero’ shout out today!! Amy also talks about her favorite jeans because the person that emailed about the hero also asked Amy to share details on jeans that she wears.
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