Benjamin Ong of the US Navy

When we talk about the troops in all of our military services keeping our country safe for the way of life that we enjoy, almost all of us picture uniforms, rifles, tanks, ships, planes, and other military hardware. We are most often thinking of scenes like we might see in a movie of a battle fought in the mud and smoke. Today, so many of our troops are waging a different kind of war. The battle against the Covid-19 virus is no less deadly, and no less of a threat to our way of life in America as a rogue nation. Today we salute Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Benjamin Ong of the United States Navy. Benjamin hails from Bremerton and right now he’s deployed aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy in Los Angeles Harbor. Mercy and her crew of just about 1000 Sailors are on the front lines of the battle against Covid-19. Corpsman like Ong are trained in a wide range of medical treatment and techniques, and the Mercy is better equipped than most land based hospitals. With Sailors and other military personnel assisting and supplementing civilian medical personnel, we will win this battle. Today we salute Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Benjamin Ong on the United States Navy.