Amy’s 4 Things

Best Of: Robin Roberts. Dealing with Rage. Friends of Color. No Negative Nancy.

 FIRST THING: Amy is beyond excited to have Robin Roberts {@robinrobertsgma} host of Good Morning America on! Amy has been a huge fan of hers for years and she gets to talk with Robin about choosing joy and making the most of difficult times!
SECOND THING: Amy’s therapist Kathryn Defatta {@kat.defatta} is here to talk with Amy about working through strong emotions and rage. Where do these feelings come from and how do we work through them?? Kathryn gives great insight into why we may react a certain way and how to overcome it. 
THIRD THING: Brittney Spencer {@brittneyspencer}, Amy’s friend, is on to talk about what she wants from her “white friends” during this time what her life has been like growing up as a person of color. They also discuss the difference of Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter.
FOURTH THING: Lisa {@lisahayim} is back on to talk about the power of our thoughts! “Negative Nancy No More” is the theme and she shares tips on how to focus on positivity. 
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