Big Little Lies

Holly from Everett has asked us for help with her boyfriend Craig who she says has been lying to her for two months. She found out he lost his job two months ago but hasn’t told her yet; he just continues to leave the house every day and go somewhere and pretend everything’s fine. Holly says she found out when she ran into one of his coworkers a couple weeks ago who told Holly that Craig had been fired. Holly says she has no idea where Craig goes all day or how they have been making ends meet but mostly she is just stunned that he would lie about something so big for so long. When Craig comes on he says he didn’t mean to lie, he was just embarrassed and thought if he could just get another job right away it would all be fine. But then so much time passed, it got too big for him to handle. He says he didn’t want Holly to see him as weak…but holy crap, she does and she unloads! Will these two be able to get it back together?