Amy’s 4 Things

Blessings in Disguise. Empowered Women. Laura Lea “Simply”. Healthcare Hero Shout Out.

FIRST THING: Amy’s friend Sundi{@mockingbirdonbroad} is on to tell how her Coronavirus diagnosis was a blessing in disguise. SECOND THING: Meri {@Meri_}, Amys best friend and owner of The Shop Forward, is on to share some really exciting news! They are starting a mini-series for the podcast to showcase amazing women who are also empowering other women!! THIRD THING: Yay…for more friends!! Chef Laura Lea{@Lauraleabalanced} is here to chat with Amy about disordered eating and getting to the place that she can be around food without triggering fear. Laura also shares about writing her 2nd cookbook “Simply” and what types of recipes you can expect! FOURTH THING: ‘Healthcare Hero Shoutout’ time again! This week we were reminded by Erica to honor literally every Ultrasound Technicians and all the amazing work that they do on a regular basis, but especially during these crazy times! Y’all are amazing!! 

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