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BobbyCast Presents: Unsigned & Independent: Lexie Hayden – From Intern to Full Time Artist

Episode 6 features a former Bobby Bones Show intern – Lexie Hayden (@LexieHayden). Lexie moved to Nashville permanently after finishing up her internship and college to pursue her music career. Kevin and Lexie dive into the benefits of interning for the show, how much her life has changed since she moved to Nashville, and what it was like being on an MTV reality show. Plus, they discuss how much she enjoys being independent and constantly working on new projects – including a new one with Pepsi.

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Podcast Description:

Unsigned and Independent is a six episode season podcast hosted by Kevin O’Connell that features unsigned and independent artists and bands in Nashville. The purpose of this podcast is to highlight the journey and grind musicians go through trying to make it in the industry; the journey most fans don’t see leading up to national success. People move to music city from all over the country to chase something they have only dreamed of – making music and performing for a living. This podcast will dive into stories on the road, late nights and early mornings on the infamous Broadway, their background story, and if there is an ultimate goal for each artist or band. The artists featured on this podcast don’t have the backing of a label or sometimes even management, or a publishing team to handle their bookings, travel, etc.… But what they all have in common is a genuine passion for the love of music and performing. There is hidden talent spread throughout music city and the aim of this podcast is to give this hidden talent an opportunity to have a platform for an audience to hear their story, what the process is really like in the industry, and hopefully gain a new fan or two.  


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