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BONUS: 4 Things Trisha Yearwood is Grateful for: her blessed life, her family bond, her love for rescue dogs and we can't forget her coffee! Bonus: Why girlfriends matter! (#35)

We’re so excited to have TRISHA YEARWOOD on todays podcast!!! While talking with Trisha about the four things that she is grateful for there are lots of laughter, tears and food talk(YUM). FIRST THING: Trisha reflects on her life and career and can’t help but share how grateful she is for the life her & her husband, Garth Brooks, have created. Oh and we also get a glimpse into their life…like how Garth does the dishes and Trisha does all the grocery shopping. See! Stars really are just like you!! SECOND THING: Family!! Amy and Trisha get real about the pain of loosing a loved one and how even through the hard times family is the biggest blessing. THIRD THING: All the rescue dogs, please! We cannot agree more with Trisha and her passion for rescuing dogs and how they make the best pets. Woof. FOURTH THING: Like most of us, Trisha loves her coffee! So we can totally see how this would make it to her list of four things that she is grateful for! BONUS THING: “Every Girl in This Town” which is Trisha’s latest single from her new album and it will definitely make it to your playlist after listening to what it means to both her and Amy! So if you weren’t fan girl-ing over her before this episode, you will absolutely be by the end!
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