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BONUS: A Message from Amy on The Truthiest Life – Bre's Fight to Survive

The Truthiest Life is a podcast on The Amy Brown Podcast network!
Content WARNING: This episode contains graphic details about Bre’s attack that include sexual & physical violence, assault, and blood.
Bre Lasley survived an attempted murder when a man forced himself through her bedroom window. While the physical fight ended that night, Bre fights a lesser known emotional fight every day since. Her life’s mission was changed that night. Now, Bre invests her time and energy, to protect other victims and provide them with resources she didn’t have. Bre is a beautiful example of someone living their truthiest life day in and day out, often exposing her human pain to empower others.
In late October, Bre will launch The BIA Movement, a movement of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical acts of strength that create a holistic picture of “self-defense” while addressing the results & roots of abuse along the way.
Follow Bre at @fightlikegirls which will soon become @thebiamovement (coming late October 2020)
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