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BONUS: A Message from Amy on 'You Need Therapy' – The One About the Enneagram

You Need Therapy is a podcast on the Amy Brown Podcast network!
FINALLYYYYYYY. The episode we have all been waiting for! This week we are all about the Enneagram!! Kat (@kat.defatta) brings on Katie Gustafson (, a licensed therapist AND Enneagram expert. Katie walked us through sooo many wonderful things. We started with what personality is and then went into an overview of the Enneagram itself. Katie then offered us a brief description of each of the 9 types. It’s so good y’all. Katie is a WEALTHHHH of knowledge and this was an episode where light bulbs were going off in Kat’s head the entire time. P.S. Katie is the creator of The Practice, a new monthly subscription program launching in January that combines practical ways to use the Enneagram and Mindfulness as self-care. Be onto lookout!
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