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BONUS: A Message from Bobby + Talk To Chuck with Chuck Wicks + His Wife Kassi on her Brother Jason Aldean

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Chuck has a very special guest on this episode who he says is his favorite guest ever, his wife Kasi!  Kasi grew up on country music and she even sold t-shirts for her brother Jason Aldean when she was young! Kasi is pregnant with her and Chuck’s first child together, so they talk about their IVF journey and how difficult it really was. Chuck shares a very real and personal story on the process of IVF and the time he tried to get a sample at the clinic. Chuck’s friend Sami Shea also joins in on the conversation! Chuck and Kasi share how they met, their first date story, how Kasi felt about dating a musician (& she was scared he was going to suck!) and so much more! 

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