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BONUS: Get Real: Round Table Talk with Tyler and Hayley Hubbard On navigating marriage, parenting, careers, trusting God,

We start this conversation with discussing the importance of learning each other’s love languages. Then Tyler tells his love story with Hayley and lets us know who initiated the first kiss ;). We talk secrets for making time for each other in the midst of busy music careers, Tyler being in Florida Georgia Line and Michael in A Thousand Horses. We also dive into parenting and how guys view it verses women, plus how we work together. Hayley and I share how essential our mama tribe is and what we share and learn from each other. We discuss why finding time for ourselves is as crucial as date nights with our spouse. We also talk about God and the importance of weaving him into every aspect of our lives and why we shouldn’t be scared of failing. This convo is as real as it gets!
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