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BONUS: Get Real with Caroline Hobby -Amber Smith: Wife of Country Star Granger Smith shares her story of losing their 3 year old son River to a tragic downing accident.

This interview was emotional, inspiring, gut wrenching, raw and full of faith. No parent should ever have to bury their own child. The pain is too much to bare. Last week marked 1 year since River Kelly tragically died in Amber and Granger Smith’s pool. They had a fence and lock and all the precautions. It just happened so fast and silently. Amber tells me how adventurous River was, how sweet and kind he was; always picking her wild flowers and drying her eyes if she would pretend to be sad. Amber walks through the day the accident happened. She talks about her faith, and how she and Granger and their other 2 kids are still finding joy in life, even though Amber said “she may never be truly happy again.” The amount of strength and courage Amber has to talk about River’s death, to still find beauty in life, to be able to go on and want to help spread awareness to other parents about water safety with children, so no other parent has to experience this heartbreak, is just plain amazing. Amber is a shining light to this world of finding hope in the darkest places and never losing faith in God.
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