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BONUS: Get Real with Caroline Hobby – Rebecca Minkoff: global fashion mogul talks pivoting her business during COVID, the importance of work-family balance, being inclusive and always following her instincts.

It was a thrill to interview Rebecca. I have been a big fan of her massive brand for years. It was awesome to have the chance to get inside her brain and understand what inspired her to go big for her dream when the odds were against her. Plus learning how she has pivoted her brand to focusing sales online during COVID and ended up having one of the brands most successful years was so inspiring. Instead of feeling defeated with the global shutdown due to corona virus and the impact that had on her business, she charted a new course where she could thrive in this new normal. That’s what really stands out to me about Rebecca. She is a trailblazer. She doesn’t wait or want everything to be perfect, she makes good with all the resources she has and then works her ass off and hires an exceptional team to execute her vision. I love that she believes so much in the team mentality. She knows she can’t do it all; she shared with me about what she looks for when she hires an employee and then how she trusts them to do their job. We also talked about how motherhood has changed her outlook on work and what inspired her to launch her SUPERWOMAN podcast featuring some of the most inspiring women from Katie Couric to Maria Sharapova.
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