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BONUS: Movie Mike's Movie Podcast: Bobby Bones on His Top 3 Movies + Why Bobby Thinks Thanos Plan in The Avengers Is Like The Coronavirus + How Much He Made Starring in ‘Bandslam’

Bobby Bones joins Movie Mike on this episode to talk about his 3 favorite movies from his life which include Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Man on The Moon plus some honorable mentions. Bobby and Mike debate why Thanos from the Avengers can be seen as a good guy. Bobby also compares what Thanos did in his ideology to what is going on now with the coronavirus and places opening back up. Mike also talks to Bobby about the movie he starred in back in 2009 called Bandslam. Bobby reveals how much he made, what his audition was like and getting to hang out with Lisa Kudrow.

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