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Botox & Body Image: Creating Confidence & Answering Your Questions with The Nashville Beauty Girl (Part 2)

Cosmetic nurse Keri Claudel (@TheNashvilleBeautyGirl) is on to answer all of your botox + skincare questions that you sent in:


What is botox, jelly roll botox, and lip bump botox?

Why do people get it and what are the most common places? 

How to know WHEN you should get botox?

Botox for the first time okay after age 60?

How to find out if someone is good at botox injections?

Who to go to for jaw botox for grinding and clenching…dentist okay?

Why use retinol and is the stuff Target/Walgreens okay?

What are Keri’s favorite ZO Products?

Can you mix ZO with drug store items? 

Can she share basics for a tired mom on a budget?

My pores are huge, can they shrink?

Why is it good to shave your face?

1 in-office treatment to add to a ZO skincare routine that is most effective and how often?

Does Microneedling help with age spots?

Icing Face with face roller or dipping face in bowl of ice…should we be doing this???

Why can’t we share lip fillers with a friend…just need a tiny amount?


**We highly encourage you to listen to “Botox & Body Image: Am I A Fraud If I Get Botox? (Part 1)” that was released yesterday (8/11). 


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Keri Claudel is recognized as one of the top beauty and confidence boosting professionals in the south with a long list of celebrity clientele. Keri is a board-certified aesthetic nurse specialist with over 20 years experience in the industry. Skilled in all advanced anti-aging, non-surgical, and plastic surgery consult teams, master cosmetic injector, skin lasers and medical grade skin care. 


Keri Claudel RN BSN CANS

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Nurse 

Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist & Allergan National Trainer 

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