Boy Oh Boy

Tiffany from Bellevue has asked us for help with her boyfriend Ken, although more specifically the problem is with Ken’s son with his ex-wife. She says the little boy is really acting out against her over Ken’s divorce. She says at first the son was just rude to her, but now he is verbally abusive and sometimes violent. She feels bad for the little boy because she knows he is frustrated over his parents’ divorce but it has escalated to where she doesn’t feel safe around him and she needs Ken to address it with the boy, and probably the boy’s mom who Tiffany suspects is fueling the boy’s anger. When Ken comes on, he acknowledges the boy’s behavior is bad and says he has talked to him and will do it again. But Ken also says Tiffany is not totally blameless because she fuels some of the fight back to the mom. We get a TON of calls on this one as a lot the P1’s feel bad for Ken but think he’s the one who needs to get a handle this. Although…little boy aside…Tiffany and Ken may have some other lurking issue.