Brent Taylor US Army National Guard

The struggle to maintain the freedom of Democracy around the world is ongoing. American troops support nations around the world who are fighting for a free way of life. In Afghanistan a bloody and long war against many foes from inside and outside the country has left the nation fractured and chaotic. Two years ago this month, one of Americas Heroes paid the ultimate price to assist this struggling nation with its bid for freedom. Today we salute Major Brent Taylor of the United States Army National Guard. Major Taylor was killed in an “insider attack” In Kabul, Afghanistan, that was carried out by a rogue agent of the Afghan Security forces. Major Taylor was everything that an American Hero can be. He had served in the US Army as an officer for about 12 years, including 7 years of active duty, before joining the National Guard. But Major Taylor’s service did not end when he was at home. Brent Taylor was also the Mayor of the small town of North Ogden, Utah which is about 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City. This deployment was meant to be one year away from home. Taylor temporarily stepped down from his position as mayor in order to serve his nation. As if service to this nation, and to the people of his home town, was not enough for one man, Major Brent Taylor, also Mayor Brent Taylor, was also a husband to wife Jennie, and a father to 7 children, aged 11 months to 13 years old. A wife without her husband, and 7 children without their father, and a nation with another hero returning home, is a casualty of the war of freedom against oppression. This sacrifice in the name of freedom is why we salute Major Brent Taylor of the United States Army National Guard.