Bros Before Toes

Listener Anna has asked Fitz for help with her boyfriend Walter. She is upset because he has decided to go ahead with his annual guys’ trip for Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas even though her father is having surgery this weekend and she has asked him to stay home and help her. She says her dad has been like a father to Walter and she can’t believe he would up and leave when the man really needs him. And, she hasn’t even old her dad yet because she is afraid he will be upset. Before Walter even comes on, the P1’s demand to know what kind of surgery this is – life threatening or mole removal? When Walter comes out we find out it is in fact just foot surgery, a bunion, not at all serious, and Walter thinks even Ana’s dad would agree that’s a ridiculous reason to cancel any trip, let alone the Super Bowl. She says the type of surgery is not the point, it’s about being there for each other. But, come on, do you always really have to actually, literally, like, “be there?”