Bryan Jenkins, Thomas Walker, and Antonio Garcia of the US Army

On Sunday October 20, 2019 America lost three of her sons to a tragic training accident. We salute troops here because we appreciate what they do for us, and we salute them for accepting the risk of service, so that we all can live in a free America. Today we salute Sergeant First Class Bryan Jenkins of Gainesville, Florida; Corporal Thomas Walker of Conneaut, Ohio; And Private First Class Antonio Garcia of Peoria, Arizona of the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Division 1st Armored Brigade. Just before 3:30 am on that Sunday, the Bradley armored fighting vehicle these three soldiers were riding in rolled off a bridge during a training exercise, and landed upside down in a stream. All three of these brave soldiers lost their lives in the accident. 3 more soldiers who were riding in the vehicle were injured, but survived the wreck. Major General Antonio Aguto said in a statement, “The training is tough, realistic, and we train for all sorts of conditions no matter where we would go.” He added “It’s hard enough when you lose one soldier, but losing three at one time amplifies the pain we are all feeling.” The loss of these three soldiers is a reminder to all of us that our troops face danger from the time they sign up to serve, until they leave the service of the nation. They are in the business of making war, and that means they must prepare for threats. Each of us owes our gratitude to the men and women who accept that risk so that we can live in this free nation. For their sacrifice to the cause of freedom, today we salute: Sergeant First Class Bryan Jenkins; Corporal Thomas Walker and Private First Class Antonio Garcia, of the United States Army.