Can You Get Second-Hand Cholesterol?

Aaron from Sumner has written to Fitz for help with his girlfriend Meagan. Meagan has decided to become a vegan which Aaron says he respects but she has become really pushy about it. He says she has gotten very rigid and is trying to control what he eats. He says she didn’t come to it on her own but was talked into it by some preachy co-workers and now she’s all preachy. And Aaron says the change in her diet has affected her appearance; she’s lost weight and is much paler. But Meaghan says feels great and is hurt that Aaron is not more supportive and happy for her. And she says she wants them to have a happier and healthier future together and doesn’t understand why he won’t even try to make some changes. The P1’s weight in, not just on their relationship, but also on the vegan vs carnivore lifestyle.