Carey Johansen of the United States Coast Guard

I really enjoy the opportunity to salute all of the men and women who serve this nation in our military. Every job, in every branch is an important piece of the military machine that keeps us secure. I don’t get many salutes for Coast Guardmen, but I would love to get more. The Guardsman’s wife who submitted this salute heard us do one for another “Coastie” a few months ago, and realized that she wanted to honor her man as well. Today we salute Electrician’s Mate 2nd class Carey Johansen of the United States Coast Guard. EM2 Johansen served in the Coast Guard from 1999 until 2010. His wife says they met and fell in love about 3 years before he got out. “He was a dedicated guardsman, and a great boyfriend, who is now a wonderful father and husband.” She said. Carey entered the Coast Guard a few years after high school, originally planning to go into law enforcement. After receiving his electrician’s training in the Guard, he fell in love with electricity, and specifically the high power electrical systems that make modern ships go. His wife says the training and experience he got from the Coast Guard has led them to a very wonderful life, and he has a fantastic and very rewarding career in the shipping industry. She’s so proud of her husband and his level of commitment to his nation, his family, and his profession. And that is why we are saluting EM2 Carey Johansen of the United States Coast Guard.