Carl and Jacob Briels of the US Army

Today’s Troop Salute is doing double duty as we salute two soldiers and two brothers.
This salute was provided by a very proud and loving mother, a P1 by the name of Tracie Briels. Today we are saluting Carl Briels AND Jacob Briels, BOTH of the United States Army. Tracie says she always knew her boys were heading for a life in the service. On that fateful day in September 2001, when America was attacked, the family was living on a small ranch in South Dakota. Carl and Jacob were young boys at the time, but Tracie says she felt like they made their decision to serve right then and there. One of the boys’ oldest cousins was a Marine when the events of 9/11 and the war that followed unfolded and while they were worried for their cousin, they were but so proud that he was involved with fighting for our nation. Now Carl is 24 and Jacob is 20 years old, and they enlisted together because Carl waited for his little brother to finish school so that the two could start their adventure together. Mom says Carl is her “hot-headed, bull riding, mud-bogging, cage fighter” and Jacob is the quiet one who enjoyed reading and studying and even taught himself different languages so that he could better communicate with players in online games from around the world. Carl is currently stationed in Korea, while Jacob is at Ft. Bliss awaiting deployment orders. And mom is at home, looking forward to seeing her boys again. Today we salute Carl AND Jacob Briels, Both of the United States Army.