Amy’s 4 Things

Caroline Boudreaux {Founder of Miracle Foundation: Transforming the Need for Orphanages}. 1. Preventing Child Separation. 2. Helping Children Thrive. 3. Supporting Foster Families in the U.S. 4. Making the Change Globally.

FIRST THING: Caroline Boudreaux is here to share her story of how she started the Miracle Foundation and how they go around the world helping to change the current way that we approach orphaned children. The number one way is to prevent the separation of the child from their parents, so how do we manage that?? Caroline shares how her organization is doing this exact thing in hundreds of orphanages. SECOND THING: Amy & Caroline discuss providing children with the opportunity to thrive right now and how you can get involved in changing the lives of children in orphanages around the world, as well as those in America. THIRD THING: Caroline shares how she is taking what she has learned abroad and is using it to help our current foster care situation in the U.S! So how is she doing that?? With this incredible new app that will help foster parents make it more feasible to continue fostering after the first year. FOURTH THING: “Nothing is heavy if everyone lifts”. So how do we continue to make the needed changes toward the goal of ‘No Orphanages by 2040’? Caroline shares how to put your boots to the ground to help make a difference. 

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