Casey Payne of the US Air Force

A full career in the military is a life well lived and a life of good service to your nation. When you hear us talk about the sacrifice of service, we’re not talking about the jobs in the military. When we talk about the sacrifice we are referring to the risks involved in service. Working in the military today can be a career that’s rewarding and full of opportunity, but the risk is always present. Today we salute Master Sergeant Casey Payne of the United States Air Force. Master Sergeant Payne has served in the Air Force for 20 years. He has had a full career with many tours overseas and some tours into war zones.
He will be retiring in October at the end of that rewarding career. Casey’s Cousin Tiphany wrote in to salute him. “He has been married for 20 years and has 3 wonderful children” Tiphany says. And Casey comes from a very long line of military men.  His father and paternal grandfather both served in the Navy, and his grandfather on his mother’s side served in the Air Force like him. Master Sergeant Payne did face the risks of service during his time as well. In 2009 his unit was hit with an IED, and Casey spent several months recovering in a hospital in Germany before coming home in 2010. Tiphany says Casey is kind hearted, and always steps up to assist those in need.  And he has a huge impact on kids that he has coached throughout the years. For his incredible 20 years of service, today we salute Master Sergeant Casey Payne of the United States Air Force.