Charming Fixer-Upper Needs Some Work

Lyla and Chris from Bothell have been together for five years. Lyla has asked Fitz to put them on the show because she is getting tired of Chris having so many female friends and contacts on social media. She says he is constantly engaging in banter, commenting on photos, and using lots of emojis. And she says Chris says much nicer things to these random people on Facebook and Insta than he ever does to her. She says it’s not that she is fishing for compliments, but she would love some of the attention that he heaps on others. When Chris comes on he says he is a realtor and he needs to cultivate these relationships for work. He says the flirting and complimenting woman on their LuluLemon yoga pants is just part of the process of selling homes. No one is buying this act though: not Lyla, not us, and certainly not the P1’s, many of whom are realtors!