Amy’s 4 Things

Chasing Your Dream. Making It Reality. People Pleasing Problems. Therapy Talk.

Founder/CEO of Full Ride Cycling, Kenzie Todd {@kenzietodd}, joins Amy for all 4 things. FIRST THING: Kenzie left her corporate job of 8 years to follow a dream that she had for many of those years. If you feel stuck with your current job and you’re scared to take the leap…Kenzie offers encouragement by sharing how she handled fear and eventually was able put her plan into motion. SECOND THING: Keznie’s dream became a reality when she was finally able to open the doors to her very own cycle studio: @fullridecycling. Kenzie founded her business with specific core values, which she shares with us, along with her leadership style. THIRD THING: Are you a “yes” person?? Amy and Kenzie talk about people pleasing vs. making the best decision for yourself…which is a necessary part of running a small business or leading any team of people. FOURTH THING: They pivot here and talk therapy…and the important role it has played in Kenzie’s life…shaping the woman she is today {business wise & personally) and continues to shape her as she most recently started pre-engagement therapy with her boyfriend of 3 years. We never knew pre-engagement therapy was a thing, but might not be a bad idea! Listen to hear more about that. Hope you enjoy today’s episode!! 
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