Amy’s 4 Things

Childlike Gratitude. Healthiest Wine Ever. Enneagram Numbers When Stressed. Cleaning Your Dishwasher. (#30)

FIRST THING: Amy’s kids, Stevenson & Stachira, are on to help show that you can have a childlike attitude towards gratitude when there are times you’re intimidated by journaling what you’re grateful for. Sometimes we think it has to be elaborate things…but it can be simple. We can learn a lot from kids!! SECOND THING: Do you want to enjoy a healthy, guilt-free glass of wine at home?? Amy talks about the wine club she joined and how it’s her favorite SUGAR FREE organic wine! THIRD THING:  @EnnegramHunter is back and this time he explains enneagram movement and how in times of stress we move to different numbers. Also, have you heard of H.A.L.T? Amy’s been able to defuse a couple of fights with her husband since Hunter taught her about H.A.L.T. Maybe it will be able to help you too! FOURTH THING: Have you ever cleaned your dishwasher in your life?? Amy just found out we should be doing that so she shares how to do it along with some other cleaning tips/hacks! 
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