Chins of Anarchy

Gina from Everett has called in for advice about her boyfriend Sean. Gina says Sean suddenly shaved off his beard and now he looks completely different. They’ve been together for quite a while and she had never seen him without his beard. She says she knows it’s just a simple cosmetic change but she can’t help herself – she sees him differently now; she wanted a rugged outdoorsy mountain man, and now he’s just a regular guy. But most of all she wishes he had consulted her. When Sean comes on he says he is not sure why she Gina is so upset – he is still the same guy, he still does the outdoorsy stuff, but he just got tired of dealing with the beard. He hadn’t seen his own face since he was a teenager and was curious what it looked like, but now that it’s done he’s enjoying not having to do the work to maintain his facial hair so he probably won’t grow it back, at least not for a while. He says he was actually getting eczema and he feels much better now. As far as not telling her, he thought it would be a new sexy surprise and didn’t think he needed her permission. As usual Fitz thinks the sudden change means Sean is cheating, and the P1’s agree, until Gina shows her ugly, superficial side.